Graphic Communication Designer ︎ 
Based in London ︎
Central Saint Martins︎


︎Suggested reads

What is a designer: things. places.
messages by Norman Potter

The Politics of Design: A (Not So)
Global manual for Visual
Communication by Ruben Pater

Dear Client: This Book Will
Teach You How to Get What
You Want from Creative People
by Bonnie Siegler

Ways of seeing by John Burger

Thinking with Type
by Ellen Lupton

Interaction of Color
by Joseph Albers

Leonidas Liolios was born in Athens,
Greece and is a current BA Graphic
Communication Design student at
Central Saint Martins, with a focus
on information and identity design.
His prior studies in fashion design
have shaped his practice into a hybrid
of disciplines

︎︎︎Contemporary Visions of Beauty

This series of images explore the notions of right and wrong in a juxtaposition of content, its semiotic meanings and AR filters as a contemporary definition of perfection.

#CSM #PublicationDesign #NationalGallery #NationalPortraitGallery

Feb 2020

︎︎︎Google Images Physicial Index

Our ability to enter the grid of the Google Images search results means that we have the power to dilute information. Therefore, the service becomes a virtual “Palimpsest” that is being written on by all of us—all the time.

#CSM #InformationSystems

Feb 2020

︎︎︎You Sucked the Air Out of Me

A Covid-19 proof publication, part one of the final submissions for Year 1 of GCD. Comes in a vacuum sealed enclosure, including a pair of large orange nitril gloves.︎

#CSM #PublicationDesign

May 2020

︎︎︎McDougall’s Fine Baking Goods

The story of the McDougall’s flour mill is a story of innovation. In 1875, Joseph Rank established what was to become the most iconic flour brand in the UK. In this case study, I explore how the brand can inject shots of that innovation back at its core and earn its spot in the digital battlegrounds of the 21st century.

#CSM #IdentityDesign #Strategy
April 2020

︎︎︎Third Place.

Identity design for Third Place.
A scandi-inspired specialist coffee shop
at the heart of Athens, Greece.


#BrandIdentity #CoffeeShop
Jun 2019